Some questions are running through my mind:

  1. Is there no Christian member of APC from the 19 northern states?
  2. If religion does not matter but competency, is there not competent Christian in the entire North?
  3. If religion does not matter, what about tribe? Does tribe matters?
  4. Can APC fields Yoruba-Yoruba or Igbo-Igbo ticket?
  5. Is APC an Islam’ic fundamentalist party like violent muslim brotherhood of Egypt?
  6. Can Boko-Haram, Ansarudeen and ISWAP accept Christian-Christian ticket?
  7. Why are APC surpporters unrepentant hypocrites?
    Above was posted by Babatunde Shosanya

If you are a Muslim and you support this Move, you are not being fair as you will not support a Christian- Christain Ticket . If you are A northern Muslim and You Support this , you are not being fair on your fellow Northern Christians . Nigeria is very divided by religious and ethnic line. Christians in the North feel genocide is going on and religious cleansing is happening daily. Courageous Solution by Tinubu is to give everyone sense of belonging . Create a very inclusive Government. You reward Shettima because of role he play during the primary for you isn’t that Buhari model. Only reward those who work and forget others; Picking A North East Christian would have shown you will be different from Buhari. Culture of impunity and nepotism .

As A Man born in Maiduguri , Shettima is good to be My Uncle , His part might have even cross with my Dad . He is a good Man. But we have many competent Christians from North East. Many! You Alienate a section of the country just because you must Win and ignore the consequences is why Nigeria has remain the way it is.

If I publicly condemn Peter Obi for even having a person holding the VP slot who is a southern christian , I have the moral right to condemn Tinubu for choosing a Muslim- Muslim Ticket. You didn’t give the Northern Christian sense of belonging . This tinubu Move doesn’t mean anything to most south westerners because religion is no big deal to us. My adopted Mother is a Muslim till date, here in south west religion is no big deal. But to fall into the trap by northern- Muslim that claim you are not Muslim enough hence you must pick a strong northern Muslim is nonsense and a big blunder !

Watch and See the Consequences of lack on courage . It’s like the GOD Of Obedient is making some people miscalculate .
This Election will be interesting . Social Media will vote in 2023. Watch and See!!!

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