Why I begged God to t@ke my life — Singer Adekunle Gold.
35-year-old Nigerian singer and songwriter, Adekunle Gold, has disclosed why he begged God to t@ke his life when he was 20. The father-of-one in a letter to his fans, on Friday, July 15, said, “I was born with sickle cell disease. It was life and de@th, it was physical, mental, financial, you name it and I went through it all. It was tough, painful and fr#strating.
The pains and shivers were unbearable. They always came in the night, when my family had no means to transport me to a hospital. We simply couldn’t afford the constant hospital bills so I had no choice but to endure the pain.
Living with sickle cell is far from living a normal life. One of the most intense cr#sis I had was at the age of 20, I remember laying in my bed in the middle of the night asking for an end to it all. I begged God to t@ke my life away because I couldn’t understand what I did to deserve the pain my body and mind was under.

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