This guy I know.

He used to be the most hardworking guy I knew right from school days.

Dude shuffled between three jobs and school.

He was an “oso afia” for someone doing photocopy inside school. He sold past questions to year one students. He was also into tutorials.

Very hard-working and resourceful.

The problem was his girlfriend.

I don’t know where he picked that girl from, but she dealt with him.

A young girl in her year one, but her eyes were already in the world.

Always comparing my guy with his mates and what they do for their girlfriends.

My guy will come to me complaining.

“Kosi, will I kill myself? This girl never appreciates anything I do for her. If I give her money for upkeep, she’d say it’s not enough. If I buy her clothes, she’d say they are not new, that this person’s boyfriend buys her friend designers. She’s forgetting that I don’t do what other people’s boyfriend do to make a living. Do you know I paid her fees this semester? Now, she’s saying she doesn’t want to live in the school hostel anymore, that I should rent an apartment so we could both stay together outside school.”

Complains upon complains upon complains.

“Guy, why don’t you just leave this girl nah?!” I would ask.

He would then tell me he loves her so much.

Well, the girl finally went stray.

A Yahoo boy was able to give her those things she wanted and more, so she left my guy.

That was the motivation he needed.

He stopped being hardworking and also joined the system.

When he picked his first thousand dollars, he came to me and said he was on a mission.

“Kosi, I am going to get her back.” He had said.

“Get her back, how? Are you crazy? After all she did to you?!” I had screamed at him.

“You won’t understand. Just watch.”

It wasn’t a hard thing to get the girl back. He just gave her those things her boyfriend couldn’t give her and she came back begging like the prodigal son.

But, he had a plan.

“Kosi, I’m going to deal with this girl and when I’m done, even the devil will give me his throne.”

“How do you intend to do that,” I asked?

“Right now, I’ve got her hooked on Molly. I plan on introducing Crystal Meth to her, then make her graduate to Crack. When I’m sure she has become a proper junkie, I’ll then send her back to the streets where she belongs.”

“Jesus!” I remembered screaming.

This happened last year.

Yesterday, I entered the same bus this girl was in.

A once used to be healthy girl was looking pale and unkempt. She kept scratching her neck from time to time. Her eyes had become hollow.

When she said “hello,” I could see the brown stains on her teeth.

I got home and called him.

“You really were serious with the promise you made to yourself over that girl?”

He replied;

“I’m still starting. Next stop is to make her sleep with all my guys for the crack she’s addicted to.”

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