That criminal Angela Nwosu has blocked me.

But that’s not the issue.

The truth is that her numerous Victims has been crying in my inbox.

They’ve pleaded anonymous.

And I’ve promised to keep their secrets,
While assisting them to find justice.

I can perfectly understand how that criminal had managed to sustain her juju frauds till now.

That woman is a hugely calculated scammer.

Like I’ve said,
Her victims are crying in my inbox.

But due to the public stigma that’s usually associated with juju victims, they’ve pleaded anonymous .

And that’s exactly what the criminal has been exploiting since, to remain in crime.

Just like blackmailers,

She’s been taking undue advantage of the fact that, most victims do not wish to be known, nor speak out publicly.

Nobody wants to be publicly seen as customer to juju.

Most times, the issues between that scammer and her victims, are targeted to affect another person, whom the victims will never ever want to know about what transpired.

Like most of her fraudulent schemes or items are targeted at loved ones of her victims.

This is why it has been extremely difficult to pin her down to numerous crimes she has committed.

But, we’re going to try something for the few victims at hand.

There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

The only criminal here is still Angela Nwosu.

That little scammer must be arrested and prosecuted.

And that time has come.

A public interest petition will be activated.

The Inspector General of Police must rise up to the occasion to prevent, abate, investigate and effectively prosecute this criminal!

Angela criminal involvements must be casted, exposed, and thoroughly prosecuted in accordance with all our criminal Justice system!

And all her online catchers, subtle promoters, direct and indirect collaborators or any other person who may have participated in the perpetration of those crimes must be implicated, indicted and prosecuted alongside Angela the scammer!

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