“One thing Nigerians failed to understand is that it is only the Party Presidential flag bearer has the right to choose whosoever he deems fit as his running mate and my father has made his choice in the person of Senator Kashim Shettima.

“Muslim-Muslim ticket is not an issue here and shouldn’t be because what Nigerians need is a leader with a large heart who can deliver the dividends of democracy to the people.

“These are two individuals who has good track records of good leadership right from their respective states as former Governors and have volunteered themselves to steer the leadership boat of this country. What they should expect from is not criticisms but encouragement to enable them deliver good leadership when they must have taken over come 2023.

“Besides my father has made his choice and he absolutely owes nobody an explanation whatsoever on the choice of his running mate. Nigerians should always learn to do away with religion politics because this time around it’s not going to work. All we want is good leaders and here are two individuals from different ethnic groups who have come to take us to the next level. Religion does not matter anymore in Nigerian politics. We have passed that era, now we are progressive and I urge everyone to join this moving train.”

~ Seyi Tinubu

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