Angela Nwosu is one of the most intelligent persons I have ever come across. I knew Angela before she started the sexual vulgarity stuff which broke my heart and finally the Ogbanje stuff. At 1st I thought the Ogbanje stuff is just cruise and a phase that will go away soon. Then I realized this is serious when I started getting messages of people claiming they are tormented because they bought things from her. And these are Christians oo. But then again, Angela is intelligent and smart enough to command a whole Army.

As I posited somewhere: Before Angela started the vulgar stuff, and Ogbanje stuff she was into literature. She is one of the most intelligent humans I gave ever seen. This girl is high up there with Chimamanda if she decides that route. Her intelligence no get part 2. Once she went Ogbanje I never wanted to see anything she is writing or doing. Her intelligence is mind bugling. A natural writer. Damn. There was a day I saw her Vulgar video. I cried in my heart. I sent her 10k, called her on the phone and appealed to her to stop. That I want her to reach her full potentials as I know how intelligent she is. I assured her that I will do my best to help her. But at that period I wasn’t able to do what I had in mine for her. Then next thing I saw was the Ogbanje stuff.

Note: Angie was one of those I periodically sent small money here and there to, purely due to her intelligence. I will read one of her posts, it will blow my mind, i will send her maybe 5k or so, just to show my appreciation for her brain. It even led to me making her an Admin in gboist then. This was many years ago. Before these Ogbanje stuff.

What scares me so much about Angela is her hyper intelligence, it scares me for other people, the average human being is a follow follow, a person like Angela dabbling into occult can easily initiate thousands of people into it, easily. Blaming those who patronise her or follow her for any reason is not proper, human beings should be protected, that is why we have laws. People calling themselves Christians are following her and compromising themselves in so many ways..buying things they don’t know the power source, dabbling into all manners of rituals without fear. And once they start with a powerful figure like Angela, they will seek even someone more powerful to help them their problems. Problems which is part of being alive, which will all have in various ways.

She is that powerful and persuasive. There was a time she said she was dabbling into using her powers to help barren women conceive, that was the day anything Angela and her Ogbanje business was no longer funny to me. I swore that once she includes this as one of her services, I will make sure that she removes that. Do you know how many desperate women will go and initiate themselves with her into what they don’t know she to have a kid? I called a few people and told them that if she trues that one we should fight it until she stops.

To those saying she did not force anyone to patronise her, that is a very weak angle and it also lacks humanity. If we go by your logic, then fraudsters should not be arrested as most of them do not force anyone to part with their money. Ponzi masters and their cohorts should then go scott free as they did not force anyone to give them money.

And to those saying leave her, no one is a saint. Okay naa, ummm, what a compelling point. How profound! I am sure the judge who is sentencing a armed robber or a murderer is not a saint, or should we all live in anarchy because no one is a saint? Chi m šŸ™†.

Everything is not dragging. If the issue did not involve a multitude of people compromising themselves daily due to her, it won’t be an issue. If whatever she is engaging in is all about her then it won’t be an issue, but many souls are involved, a lot of which are leaving in regrets now. Angela should be stopped. She is too intelligent, she will use it to bring on more people into her occultism. Those more people are mostly our own people. She needs to stop.

Note: Those buying these blue eyes, special soaps, liberation this and that call themselves Christians. When I say that over 99% of our people are Verbal Christians, some find it alarming. How can someone that claims to be a Christian continuously encourage and patronize occulted things, and openly too. Even me that is not religious would rather DIE than attempt to solve my problems through occult.

Her followers remind of of an Ehugbo adage, asi nwa na ogbuo onwue, na o si ndaa mee? (When you tell a child that he don kiII himself, he will say, yeah right, okay where is the blood). They don’t know not the deep hole they are in. Any information on Angela is termed dragging by them. Next thing they will term people jealous or envious. Even if Angela has $100 trillion, it won’t mean chit to me. Moreover, envying or being jealous of a fellow human being is just like being envious of sand with anxiety. Normal sand better pass us sef, as they have no anxiety. Na who know understand life go envy another living being. I would rather just say goodbye to this world than dabble into what she is doing which is liable to destroy many souls, even while they are alive. Guys, this is spirit and occult that we are talking about here. This is no joke, this is no small issue. Lives are involved.

This is even worse to me than Chinmark and Ovaiozo fraud, as all they took away is your money, but Angela will take your money and also compromise your spirit, your soul.

To Angela:
I fear your brain, I fear your capacity, you are too much upstairs and I know that if you go legit, if you stop this and daddble into a legit business you will still stay or become super rich, that is how intelligent you are. Please, stop this Ogbanje stuff, it is leading many astray. You are very powerfully persuasive and so many will fall for your activities. Biko find another line of business. Save many, especially our girls.

Angela has done me no wrongs, she has not offended me, the last time we spoke on phone years ago, it was laughter all through, but what she is doing now cannot be ignored or taken for granted. It will be a disservice for everyone to keep mute. As American’s would say, something’s got to give. There should be a total reversal on her part.

One thing I will NEVER do is bear false witness against another person. Even if the person offended me in the worst way, I will speak only the truth about another person as something happened or I keep mute.

To Angela Apostles:
Problem no dey finish. None of us is okay. If we are all called to bring out our problems, you will likely carry your own and waka with a smile and a sense of gratefulness. Life is not a bed of roses, it is 95% thorns, bro. There is no better life than natural life. No better life. By natural life where you don’t visit any occultist or online Ogbanje to help you solve it. As long as we are alive we will continually experience mainly trauma & tribulations, and a bit of joy here and there, no matter your status and environment. Only death will end the trauma and tribulations that come with being alive. Don’t attempt to solve your problems through occult. You will compound it. Simple.

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