Ndị Nigeria, ndị overdo. You went to the UK, preaching and shouting the way you guys do in Nigerian street and get away with it. They arrested you.

Ndị police a might be Antichrist for arresting a man preaching Christ in public in UK.

Irony of life. They brought the religion to us. They know it more than us. They achieved their dream with it. It entered our head in such a way we now shout and pollute noise to disturb one another. When called to an order, such person will be labeled anti-christ. The people who gave it to us are not as mad as we are. We now say they don’t know what they are doing. We know God more than them.

Now, we now go there to preach to them about Christ and salvation message they brought to us, they now arrest us for doing so.

He must have been telling ndị UK with megaphone—” Repent. Repent or you perish in h.ell.!” Shouting and kabashing. Lolzzz

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