There’s severe Foods inflation in Nigeria today.

It’s almost nearing to deadly famine.

What are the causes?

  1. Terrorism:

Armed Herdsmen metamorphosed to full blown terrorists in recent times.

These armed herdsmen has effectively chased our farmers away from their farms.

The terrorists are presently in charge of virtually 90% of the vast majority of the Nigeria farmers lands.

The determine who does what, and kidnap at random.

Several kidnapped farmers had lost their lives.

Many of these victims were even unreported.

Some Korean farmers who built world class farming facilities in Kebbi State, were forced to abandon every single thing and ran away for their dear lives.

But that was not before they had suffered multiple attacks and degrees of kidnaps.

How did the our Herdsmen morph into deadly terrorists?

  1. Pa Buhari:

Pa Buhari direct refusal to proscribe Open Grazing in Nigeria, gave impetus to these highest levels of criminality, which later became all terrorists atrocities today.

For almost eight years now,
Pa Buhari who acted as grand patron for herders, had continued to search for; Grazing Routes, Ruga, and several other Stone Age policies for Herdsmen.

None has succeeded.

But the only thing that has flourished within these periods is the transfiguration of Armed herdsmen to full Terrorists.

How so?

Many dubious partisan Nigerians won’t agree.


As a security expert and social laparotomist, I’ll tell you this truth;

That observed during these periods, most police officers were dispirited, discouraged and hamstrung from intervening in any farmers herdsmen disputes.


The DPOs would often tell complainants that;

‘they are still waiting for Pa Buhari’s Grazing Routes .

That they are confused. And wouldn’t tell whether the scene of crime in issue may well be part of the Pa Buhari’s Grazing Routes.’

That was exactly how herdsmen were allowed to unfettered freedom to wreck havocs.

So, after they’ve successfully chased the farmers away from their farms, and with no much farms to hold on to as preys, they turned to high profile terrorists kidnappers.

They now harvest victims from moving trains, airports and even military facilities.

These are the unintended consequences of antiquity policies of Pa Buhari.


The major cause of all these deadly crimes to humanity is Pa Yekini.

He still remains vicariously liable to all these terrorists atrocities.

By his own admission, he brought Pa Buhari.

He also admitted that he did so, in order to be reciprocated by ‘his own turn’.

It is by far, Pa Yekini’s selfishness that Nigerians are suffering today.

And worst of all, he has vehemently refused to own up to his recklessness and wickedness nor even offer any apology.

Yet, there’s heavy famines in the land.

The little foods available have all skyrocketed in price.

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