There’s Katuka Tribe in South Africa where a man must kidnap any lady he likes for marriage and inform her family later

The man employs the service of other men together with himself to set an ambush,chase and arrest the lady

The captured lady is then taken to the man house where she’s kept against her wish before the informs her father later

After which the father must beat his Son-in-law to be mercilessly to show that the man is fit to marry his daughter

After the beating, the man returns to her family with his kingsmen for the official marital proposal still with the lady in possession… The father is then given a room to give a “Yes or No” answer If he accept the suitor or not but if he doesn’t the suitor has the right whether or not to return the kidnap daughter or just go ahead with the married….

Would you like this type of marriage proposal to take stand in your locality??

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