Madam good evening. I saw your post yesterday concerning helping wives to do chores. Hmmm, I will advise all men not to try it. I tried it and has entered problem. I married my wife 5 years ago. She is a very very beautiful woman. Slim, beautiful shape etc. When we were still dating, she refused s^x so I was happy I was marrying a good girl. I didn’t bother her cos I was getting enough pleasure from other women.
After wedding, the first day we made love, this woman rapum thunder. She f^cked me sote I begin beg. All my life, I have never seen where a woman will stay on a man for more than 30minutes. If I want to cum, she will do one thing with her vagina and the cum will go back, she will continue again till she is satisfied. My cum used to do me like electric shock cos it’s always very intense. That was how after whole marathon, she will beg me to cook and clean that she is tired. I will happily do it oo. I continued like this till this woman stopped doing anything in the house. She only dresses up, go to work, come back and rapum shege. The day I knew I was in trouble was few weeks to delivery of our first child(we have two kids now), this woman pinned me and f^cked me for almost an hour. How she doesn’t get tired makes me think she is possessed. When she is on me, she doesn’t listen or talk. She just fires on. At a time, I was praying the child doesn’t die. After everything, I had to go and cook so she will have strength. I can count how many time I have stayed on top since we got married. We have two children now and I am the one that cooks, clean and does all the chores in this house. Her own is to eat and f^ck. Anyday I want to be angry and shout like a man, she will touch me and Fiam, I will see myself in the room and she on top. I am exhausted. I am getting slimmer everyday. I make money and she does too but at this stage, I am tired. If I suggest a househelp, she will say no. If I try to force it, she will corner me again. I am tired. I thought I was marrying a good girl. I can’t even think of having a sidechic cos that would mean suicide. I insisted on just two kids, thank God they are male and female. My reason is so I will have less work. She reluctantly agreed.
I can’t even tell anyone what I am passing through. How do I tell someone that my wife is the one that f^cks me. That would be a Shame. I am dying silently but can’t say it. Strength is leaving me. I tell every young man I know now not to agree to chores oo. Maybe if I had insisted, maybe I would only be f^cked and chores will not be added to it. Deep down within me shaaa, I think she would have f^cked me till I agree to do the chores. I am married to a possessed woman. Men needs to pray well before they marry all these good girls. They are a danger to male specie.

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