Ladies is your breast starting to sag , and you want it to remain firm?
Boil Uda seed (just the seed , do not boil with the peel) , take this for 7days and your breasts will gradually gain its firm.
THE REASON UDA WATER IS GIVEN TO A WOMAN WHO JUST GAVE BIRTH IS BECAUSE; Uda water helps to flush toxic and foreign substances from the body. So Uda water helps to get her back to her fit. In that case , are you a woman and you experience painful menstruation , boil Uda water and little Garlic , take this three days before your menstrual flow. And you will experience pain free menstrual flow.
After your menstrual flow , take fresh honey mixed with Garlic to to keep your Vagina clean from bacterial. This will keep your Vagina fresh and restore its original fragrance.
As a woman , do you have big tommy and want it to return to its original form? boil Uda water and Ginger , take this daily until you see a desired result.
And for our men , if your husband have big tommy and you want his tommy to return to its original form , since Uda water is not good for the male body (because it can cause watery sperm) So the guys should boil lemon grass and Ginger , take this daily until you see result.
Do you experience any sign of fibroid? boil Uda seed and add it enough alligator pepper and drink a full glass three times daily. This is what our great grand mothers used to cure fibroid even when modern day medical operation has not been discovered in Africa.
Ngalakwesiri cares.

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