President Muhammadu Buhari moves around with a convoy of 23 vehicles, eight armored Mercedes, two BMW 7 series armored, one Range Rover armored assorted SUVS with a pick up used by FRSC.

The Senate President and his deputies use convoys of about 10 expensive vehicles that include Mercedes S500 armored, two jeeps,two security vehicles,and other SUVs for aides.

The speaker uses two S600 V12 Mercedes, two Land Cruisers,two Hilux for security, one Camry XLE and Peugeot 508. There are two despatch riders.

Ministers use 4 vehicles, Land Cruisers and Toyota Prado SUV,one of them armored.

The IG of police moves with 22 convoys, two of them armoured BMWs 7 series.

All state governors, using Toyota Land cruiser, Lexus bullet proof jeeps in convoys of about 20 vehicles.

The nation does not produce cars, tire,or spare part yet we complain of falling value of the Naira.

~Aliyu Nuhu

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