It consists of talking to your son or daughter for 21 days in a row, while they sleep, when they are already in REM sleep (deep sleep), which is achieved approximately 2 hours after they have fallen asleep) with a soft tone, the purpose you want May your child achieve and always finish the sentence, with a loving word, like I love you.
For example, if you want your daughter or son not to be aggressive, or a fighter with his friends every night you approach him / her and while they sleep you whisper, “my love, tomorrow you will play happy, you will have fun sharing with your classmates, I love you so much”.
When the child is sleeping, the words go directly to the unconscious, which hears 1,000 times more than the conscious.
Benefits of Hypnopedia
Helps balance emotional, spiritual and physical energy.
With this tool we can help them to become safer, happier children and to feel tremendously loved by their parents or caregivers.
Let’s put this beautiful technique into practice that brings enormous benefits and allows us to be closer to our little ones.

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