Omo let me hide my face, Nigeria as a country is behind yet Nigerians have swag!
We are the 3rd worst governed country in the world after Zimbabwe and Venezuela. See ehn if you can, please travel at least once. Go anywhere, it doesn’t have to be Europe or USA if you don’t have a visa.
Dubai has constant ELECTRICITY! running water, no smelling gutters on the road sides, no hawkers r#sking their lives to sell gala or pure water, fully air conditioned bus- stops, not one bad road! modern airports with correct custom in ironed uniforms who don’t ask for bribe.
Dubai, na Arab, no be Oyibo. So we can’t say they’ve been used to that way of life for centuries! Our leaders know better. I see them here in USA with their kids all the time. spending like cr@zy. They don’t care. Don’t let anyone sh@me you for wanting to taste basic modern amenities. Japa if you can. Sometimes it makes you think big! Try South Africa, Turkey, Dubai, just travel!

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