The gist is that BokoHaram Quranists sent a Letter threatening to attack Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus, Bwari.

The management of Law School quickly contacted the Presidency, who sent a special Tactical team of Soldiers from the Presidential Guard Brigade to the school.

They spent 7 days in the School gathering intelligence. No one knew about their presence or mission except those few management staff of the school whose job concerns welfare and security of the school.

On their way back to report their findings; they were ambushed by the BokoHaram Quranic militants and all 12 of the Presidential Guard got life threatening bullet wounds, only 3 is still alive while the corpse of 3 were found immediately and days later ie. last night, corpse of the missing 6 remaining Presidential Guards were found.

Now, the question is: who called the BokoHaram Quranists and gave them the exact time and route of the Presidential Guards?

Either someone in the Presidency or in the top management of the Nigerian Law School, must have informed the Quranic militants.

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