BRIBE: “I no dey Collect Change. I go Collect Better Money And I no dey Hide am. Even IG Knows say I dey Collect Money, I dey give them return daily” – Bribe-seeking Policeman Boldly dey Tell Motorists ontop highway.

A police officer been caught on tape boldly seeking bride from motorists while reiterating that he does not collect “change”.

In the video that was filmed by road users, the officer and his colleague stopped a vehicle and demanded money from them after inspecting the car papers.

The officer was then offered an undisclosed amount, but he declined it and stated he only collects a large sum.

The bribe-seeking officer also declared that even the IGP knows he collects money from motorists.

According to him, the road is his “market” and the commuters are his “custormers

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