Nigeria is a country endowed with numerous talents, most especially amongst the youth.

We have all it takes to compete with the world powers but unfortunately, we’ve not had it rosy in terms of those leading us.

Today we have leaders who proudly shows on media the university graduations of their children in foreign countries while our own educational institutions are in mess

We have our leaders flying to Europe for Medical care while our hospitals are not working. Our President is not left out!

They live a life opposite to what they preach!.

We need people who can restore the confidence of our health care system by patronising it.

Our educational system by sending their kids to our schools.

Our infrastructures by investing here!

We need leaders who’ll invest in Nigeria and stay here to work for her.

How many European or American politicians are coming here to patronise our medical or educational system?.

All we need is the right environment for the youth mostly in science and technology.

The man for this job is H.E Peter Obi and my humble self. We need patriots who will deliver!

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