While I was spiritually blind and ignorant about odinala.
if someone had told me I would be happily married to a handsome celebrity Dibia man 👨 I would have cursed that person 💯

But live unconsciously happens to us in the most beautiful way,a great Ezenwayi trying all her possible best to run away from her calling,looked at all the men in the world 🌍 and unknowingly chose a dibia as her Odogwu 🤣🤣

Now there is no running 🏃🏻‍♀️ for me anymore.

Severally I would be walking on the road and people of high entities will stop ✋ me and Start questioning me on why I I’m refusing my calling 🤣🤣

Abi is the the shege they have showed me in this life?

I almost died immediately after my bride price was paid,if not for my husbands swift intervention.

This is to say less o

So if you are the type running around Facebook claiming dibia and Ezenwayi,know that the burden that comes with it is enormous and most people like me wish I could be relieved of it.

Most people my husband works for comes privately inbox since 2019 because he knows I hate Facebook spiritual awareness,but this people keep coming to my inbox 📥 trying to reach my husband for Thor spiritual and financial freedom.

whenever he stops working for people,his ezumezu will show him 30 🤣🤣🤣

Being a channel to releasing people from their spiritual bondage is not a child’s play.

But we have learned to accept our destiny with all gratitude to chukwu okike.

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