To understand the exchange rate..
Let’s take the case of Tobi Amusan.. When she finished race.. she was given $100,000, that is N62m.. Before the anthem finished playing.. it was already N64m.. Tobi Amusan called home to get her some choice properties, that she will be paying once the games are over.. Her agent told her that it’s N72m she has now and not N64m..
Before she lands Nigeria.. Tobi Amusan’s cheque will be worth N100m and $1= N1000!
Now you see why she was crying and not only about PDP vs APC..
Well, I won’t cry because Mr Agbado said we should not worry, he will not pay us with foreign exchange.. our salaries will be in naira!
And some mad youths in this generation, time and millennium said, we will vote him..
Sometimes, I understand Peter Obi supporters being harsh.. they are shocked that someone who owns a PVC and therefore 18+ could still be thinking like a goat.. see, if beating sense into you is the only way forward.. shi nu ha nje!

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