The one with Governor Zulum is a scam. It was well packaged and filtered by a professional photographer.

Zoom closer to see; New Media, crested on the scam picture.
That’s the name of one of the professional photographers, that’s doing the hatchet job for the agbado Chief.

We know them.

Whereas; the second photo is

the real picture is that very random photo that was taken by an ordinary passerby.
It’s devoid of any criminal intent to sell an octogenarian by force.

That random phone is the true representation of Pa Yekini in his full stagger no fall elements.

Don’t let his wicked propaganda machine deceive you!

Pa Yekini is still that shaky shaky Pa Yekini you see on life videos the criminals couldn’t edit.

He hasn’t changed.

Aging is a beautiful thing when it comes to decent, honest, sincere people who’re satisfied with their fortunes and accomplishments in life, and are candid enough to accept realities of life.

But, when age comes to dubious people, who’re inherently insatiable in their quests for personal fames, or their personal, it’s my turn life ambitions,

Then normalize that, they’ll be wicked enough to engage and employ all kinds of unimaginable suspicious devices and means to;

Suppress truths.

Destroy facts.

And project fake, fake photos like this one with Zulum to deceive those gullible, and outrightly compromised supporters of Pa Yekini.

But, those who are determined to be eternally vigilant will never fall prey to their scams and evil machinations.

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