A Nigerian man, Sufiyanu Abubakar Salihu who lost his fiancée, Rukaiya Ibrahim Kani, is set to marry her sister, Fatima Ibrahim Kani.
Sufiyanu and Rukaiya were set to be married on August 12, 2022, in Bauchi State but she passed away on Wednesday, July 27. Sufiyanu also took to Twitter on July 28, to announce the Rukaiya’s demise.
Fatima had mourned her sister a day after she d#ed, writing; “Indeed, life is ephemeral and de@th is inevitable and certain end. I lost yet another sister. Ibrahim Kani (Aunty Ummi), her marriage was scheduled to take place in two weeks from now but now she’s gone forever. Ya Allah kagafarta mata kamata rahama kasa inna mu yazo mucika da imani. Plz pray for my sister.”
The Elder Brother of the sisters, Aliyu Ibrahim Kani, took to Facebook on Wednesday, August 3, to announce that the wedding will hold on same date between Sufiyanu and Fatima.

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