Let’s analyze the economic mind of Peter Obi by looking at this handover note.

  1. PO did not leave cash, he left investments for the State. Better still investments that generate cash. Remember, Anambra did not issue bonds, they invested in bonds of other States, in effect, Anambra was lending cash to other states.
  2. Peter Obi left foreign currency reserves. Anambra had Naira cash and investment in Naira so PO hedged that Naira with $ investment. Remember this was earned $, as FAAC is not paid in $

Naira now has depreciated, but not $…if it was held.

  1. Only cash left was the MDA balances, this speaks to funds earmarked for MDA like Anambra UBE which are already spoken for.
  2. FGN refunds, an asset

To me, this shows the people of Anambra got a wonderful economic manager. Someone that took Anambra from the state where godfathers got government revenues to a State where they funded other States.

If the team of Peter and Yusuf of the Labour Party get in, then Nigeria will also go from debtor to lender, from naira debts to $ assets.

It’s been done, this is the verification.

But please, go and verify

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