Today made it exactly 2years my ex fiance called off our engagement because of my opinion/a comment i made on a blog about the fact that I wouldn’t want my mother inlaw live with me and my husband in our matrimonial home when I get married. My ex fiance was not okay about that my opinion and he called off our engagement.

At first, I was sad about it, I regretted making the comment but I stopped regretting why I made comment after 2days, immediately I realised that the comment was my reality, my choice and my truth!

Such mindset and opinion may not be okay with everyone but it’s my own truth, even up till now!

The irony of the whole thing is that, even my own biological mother is not even allowed to live in my matrimonial home! I will be more than happy to rent a house for my mother inlaw or my mother and always renew the rent than have any of them live with me and my husband because I love my own space and privacy alot!

I will even be willing to hire a house help if needed to ensure they’re okay and well taken care of instead of any of them moving in with me. I will love and care for them but not in my own matrimonial home.

Just visit when you want, stay as much as you want and go after your visitation. Don’t live with me pls!

When it comes to marriage, our various choices are all valid! Marry your kind!

If you have intention of bringing your mother to live in your matrimonial home as a man or a woman, it’s okay, marry a man or woman who also want that!

These are one of discussions intending couples shoud actually have before engagement but it was funny we forgot to discuss about that aspect and he had to find out through a Facebook comment!

No apologies though! I don’t like/want a particular thing in marriage is that, I don’t like it! I won’t ever agree to what I don’t like to be considered marriageable. Never!

Btw, he moved on and later got married to another lady but they separated after 8months.

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