Igbo Traditional Wrestling (Igba Mgba) That Was Held In Virginia, USA 🇺🇸

Indeed Igbo Amaka 🥰🥰🥰

Chai… I am proud. Obi atọgbuola m oooo. “Nke a wụ yaaaaaa”
Hardly do I go to an Igbo events and not have small mixed feelings before the end of the event as I felt with the UIU Convention 2022. This is because most times, we waste a lot of time on other things but not what we came for.

💥The UIU Convention, Very culturally spirited yet so culturally futuristic… Applying the use of all tech apps, effective communication, excellent human resources, outstanding human management and an endearing unity in organizing the event.

💥Very committed… Everyone doing what they ought to do to make it work… From all state chapters in the United States to National Convention. They shut down a 5 star hotel of 18 floors, 62 rooms on each floor… (I had to go ask one of the hotel receptionists). Anyone who lives abroad know that a working day is a no go area but I was shocked with what I saw yesterday, being Friday at UIU convention … Makes me only wonder what today would look like… 🥰.

💥United in purpose… No unnecessary quarrels or bickering. No bad energies, no ịma onye m bụ, no asịrị gbakwaa ọkụ, no onye a sị, onye a mere. (As a performer for the event, I had like 6people following up on me from months ago – for transportation, for hospitality, for venue, for networking techniques to make it easier for people to connect when they want, for program, for reminder. Chai… I felt so proud).

💥Self Respect and Discipline… I didn’t witness any Unnecessary disrespect on anyone. All acts so respected as they should. No preference. Fairness and Justice in all their practices- (Ọfọ na Ogu). No using of 3 hours to call out titles (Chief, Dr., Ọzọ, Engr., Ambassador,) while leaving the main purpose of the gathering. No scattering of the program to give unnecessary preferences that scatter events. Everything was just up and doing. The Igbo Youthful blood in action. If you handle the Microphone and start digressing from Nsukka to Kafachan, you will be called to order.

💥Orderliness, the type of Orderliness I saw at Igbo Conference in London. Everything just moving on because many people are working in the background to make it work. Different aspects of the event. From physical activity to Academic side to Entertainment to Cultural displays to Fashion etc. We all know that a crowd of youth is not an easy nut to Crack but these Youths are just the real deal. No agreeing on ‘A’ and doing ‘Z’. I was so pleased. Even being a trained festival manager, I learnt a lot being at the UIU Convention.

I met a lot of awesome people… From my Facebook friends to many many amazing ụmụ ọma Igbo. 🥰🥰.

🙌Ụmụ Igbo Unite, e kelee m unu. Yes… Ndị be anyị sịrị na e kelee Dike na nke o mere, ọ mekwaa ọzọ. Ndị be anyị sịkwara na onye a sịrị jide ka o ji, ị mara na ihe ọ na-eme amaka ooo.

Ndị nke m… These are Ụmụ Igbo na US. Ndị anyị ji aba. Ụmụ ọma Igbo ji Igbo eme ọnụ. Ụmụ Igbo na-emekọ ihe ọnụ ka ụmụnne.

Obi dị m ụtọ I sonye n’ọgbakọ nke afọ a.







Umu Igbo Unite Corporation

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