The satanic water resource bill has been reintroduced to the House of Representatives in the 9th Assembly .
The bill, is sponsored by the Chairman of House Committee on Water Resources, Sada Soli an APC member from, President Muhammadu Buhari’s home state
The bill has been read the first time and we must not allow it read the second time. It must crash like it did in the 8th Assembly .
As we all know KASTINA state since inception has not been adding anything to our national purse/ economy but solely dependent on the oil and gas of the Niger Delta and taxes generated from other states of Nigeria .
KASTINA state has untapped 37 mineral resources scattered across the 34 councils. The mineral resources includes gold, manganese, kaolin, asbestos, iron ore, copper, emerald, among twenty seven others.
In view of the above, I dare say that it is an act of BANDITRY for the law maker from KASTINA state to push for a legislation for the federal government of Nigeria to control the rivers , streams , water falls , lagoons , swamps , mangroves and water underneath the earth etc of other states for the benefit of all Nigerians while refusing to push for.a legislation of how the natural resources in his state can be controlled by the federal government of Nigeria and tapped for the benefit of all Nigerians like it is done to the oil and gas of Niger Delta.

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