My friend Nnamdi is at a crossroads.

While he was dating his fiancée, Ijeoma , who is now his wife, he was bragging to his close friends that his wife sabi do the do.

This is the first time that he has met a woman who can match his energy in bed in his illustrious and glorious career of womanizing.

She has amazing sexual prowess and I love the fact that once you touch her nipple, she is ready and wet and we go more than 3 rounds in a night, excited Nnamdi told me the day we hung out.

In fact, I look forward to going home, “Nnamdi said, as he poured the bottle of Veuve du Vernay into his glass cup.

I was happy for my friend and even happier that he is set to marry a woman who has the same sexual compatibility as him.

The couple got married last year, and all our friends were there to support one of our own as he waved goodbye to bachelorhood.

I was taken back when Nnamdi called me on the phone this week and said he wanted to see me.

The urgency in his voice gave him away that all was not well, so we scheduled to hang out at our favorite hangout.

Chukwudi! I’m tired of this daily sex.

“It is wearing me out,” was Nnamdi’s opening statement after we sat down.

Ha! What happened? I asked.

Nna! My brother, I can’t keep up again with meeting Ijeoma’s excessive sex libido.

I have a demanding job in Lagos, coupled with the stress of being stuck in traffic.

After all that, this woman, who does not understand the kind of pressure that I go through daily, would be demanding sex from me.

Every night, Chukwudi!

The only time I had respite was when she was on her period, but once the blood stops flowing, she is back with her demands, and if you don’t give it to her, it is a problem as she will be carrying her face all over the house the next day until you give her what she wants.

Chukwudi! It is worse during public holidays. This woman would not allow me to rest. At times, we do four rounds in a day when there is a public holiday.

I have never seen anything like this in my life.

What about getting her a vibrator? I suggested

I made that offer, but Ijeoma rejected it.

She stated that she prefers a penis to a toy. Nna, look at me. I don’t look healthy again, as I look malnourished.

I’m going down daily and this is the side effect of keeping up with Ijeoma’s extraordinary sex drive.

My friend stated, the expression on his face revealing the gravity of the problem he is currently dealing with at home.

I’m not married, and I don’t have a wife who demands sex every night, so we agreed I should ask my audience here.

Bikonu! How do you deal with a partner that has a high libido?

My friend Nnamdi will be reading this, and he needs all the best possible advice that he can get.

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