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What Peter Obi is doing to Atiku and Tinubu is not good

Peter Obi should have mercy….

He snatched South East away from Atiku…

He penetrated the South West and diluted the demigod…

He installed Datti the deity of Kaduna…

Datti the deity’s tribe went into Nasarawa yesterday and caused a revolution with an inspired 1 million man March…

In all of these, Peter Obi has not bothered to check on Atiku to see how he is coping…

Peter Obi doesn’t care to know if Tinubu is now shaking on both hands and legs…

Go to social media, it is Peter Obi everywhere…

If you escape social media and run to Pastor Paul Enenche for healing, loud shouts of Peter Obi will push you out into the street….and on the street, Lafia people will show you la fire.

Dear Peter Obi, we didn’t see this coming? Who are you? Who sent you? Who is bankrolling you? In indabosky’s voice – Who you? You who?

Look at what Peter Obi did to Mbaka… Is that fair?

Reno who used to be one of the biggest motivator on social media is now learning comedy from Brother Shaggi…he has lost his relevance – no thanks to Peter Obi. Nobody has cared to check the mental health of Reno at this time. Depression is real and we must care for our brothers who are sliding into this mental illness this period.

Suddenly, the South and the North are now friends again…. I have seen an Emeka holding hands with an Abubakar in one of the 1 million Marches.

At this point, I will plead with Peter Obi to promise advisory roles to Atiku and Tinubu when he wins…

He can’t just send these old folks to retirement homes…they need to be taken care of… They have been through so much this season – especially Atiku who has tried several times to be President. Peter Obi should remember Atiku in his government.

To BATists, we invite you over to where it is happening… You are too smart to be where you are.

To Atiku-Rated Nigerians, we encourage you to rate yourself higher than a consistent failure. Peter Obi left that old guy for a reason. Leave him too. You will understand later.

Peter Obi is not coming again… Peter Obi has come.

Let’s move Nigeria from Consumption to Production. There’s nothing left to share again, it’s time to build.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I don’t like what Peter Obi is doing to his elders.

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