“One of the mistakes a sitting Governor can make is to add fuel in an already burning house. The reintroduction of History in the Anambra State curriculum is not only condemnable but geared towards bringing division among Nigerians.

“The Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari removed this subject from the Nigerian academic curriculum and replaced it with other subjects so that our children would not see themselves as an enemies in the future. But Governor Soludo went and brought it back just to discredit the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“History subject has not really helped us in Nigeria rather it has helped to promote hate, bitterness and division amongst Nigerians.

“The Nigerian- Biafran war is an instance, is this what these children are going to study. Tomorrow, IPOB Terrorists will also be added into the history section how they were been killed by the government and the part that singled them as terrorists and how they were proscribed by the Federal government for terrorism will not be added in the syllabus and our children will be reading and nursing anger against the Northern Nigeria.

“I call on Governor Soludo to as a matter of urgency redress his steps and actions over the reintroduction of history subject in Anambra State before it destroys our peaceful co-existence as a nation”

~ Hope Uzodinma

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