Now y’all remember in Kogi state there’s was an attack simultaneously and in that period was OWo attack … right …

So in aiyetorosi in OnDo state right on the 7th of august the military arrest .. “ Idris OJO “ … one of the high-profile ISWAP members that escaped from Kuje Prison ….

At the time of his arrest he was planning a massive attack “ A deadly one “ in OnDo state as a matter of fact they were caught in the act …

Now Idris omeiza was the one that mastermind the oWo attack “ massacre “ whilst Idris ojo was in prison ..

He then went to jail break Idris ojo out of Prison and move back to OnDo to mastermind another deadly attack …

Whilst tracking down Idris ojo .. Idris omeiza and their group got arrested which leads to todays breaking news of their arrest ….

Now this are not coincidence!!!!

The whole jail break ? .. the whole Kogi attack ? OWo attack ? And the planned attack across the country that is to come … ….

👆🏾👆🏾They’re the branch …. The root is in the Government …. ☕️🫖

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