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Catholic Priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Reacts After Activist Turned Political Jobber, Adeyanju Deji Says He’s Willing To Bet $10k That Peter Obi Will Lose 2023 Presidential Election

“They have gathered to bet, not about Liverpool or Manchester matches, not even about the next country that will win the world cup, but it is about something very sensitive, something that will affect everyone, and especially the future of their kids.

The psychology behind this bet is to create a defeatist mindset in you so that you will start feeling your efforts will amount to nothing, and most especially, to make it look like this election is about Obi winning or losing. No, it has never been about Obi, rather it is about Nigeria losing or winning.

A win or a loss is not a favour to the different political candidates contesting. All the major candidates have got what it takes to be very comfortable until they die. They can literally afford anything they want. But you and I will still be the big losers. . . with no schools to attend because schools are on strike, no job, kidnapping and killing everywhere, and everyone struggling to fly out to other countries.

So, I imagine that if ever Obi loses, there will be celebration amongst these folks betting. Interestingly, while they celebrate, Obi will return happily to his multimillion naira businesses while those celebrating will return to their trenches as they look for generators to charge their phones to tweet “I told you that Obi has no structure.”

What a shame!”

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