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If Peter Obi was accused of laundering drug money and his children accused of buying houses worth over 3.5 billion naira in New York, you would have seen the cable, daily Trust and premium times cast headlines like ‘Fact Check: Was Peter Obi convicted in the US for trafficking drugs?’ but since it is Agbado, no one fact checks anything.

Hate media.

If I say that Peter Obi gave me 20k and it trends, The Cable and Daily Trust will fact check it so as to fill their fact-check excel sheet to enable them collect more money from Macarthur foundation and Osiwa project.

While The Cable works for Tinubu, Daily Trust has its eyes on Atiku yet collect hundreds of thousands of dollars of donor funds to perpetrate ethnic biases and partisanship.

Fact Check: Is Tinubu 86 years old?

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