Why do people take photos behind cars , houses, apartment that do not belong to them? Or even if it belongs to them why taking photos there?.

Some Nigerians call it FAKE LIKE while others call it SHOW OFF but for me it’s neither show off or fake life,why?: because this behavior started over 100 years ago,it started as soon the word “photography” was invented.

In the 90s or early 2000s when camera phones were not yet common, people relied on conventional cameras to take photos and the camera men at that era usually come to occasions with portable wallpapers that are usually used as background wallpapers.
These wallpapers had drawings of flashy cars, beautiful houses or apartments, people posed before these images to get beautiful photographs in return,it was never regarded as show off or fake life as of then.

Then came the era of camera phones which has Made photography faster and easier , people continued to exhibit this behavior but now posing before real life flashy cars ,houses and apartments.

Summary: unless someone has claimed to own what he does not really own he cannot be tagged a “fake lifer” for posing in a hotel room or before anything flashy .
Again unless someone has Made it clear in his caption,it cannot be tagged “showing off” posing beside his flashy cars.

Nobody is showing off or faking life , you are either suffering from low self esteem or you are just envious.
What they are doing,is something that has been going on for over 150 years.

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