There’s Many factors that break lovers but you see this one called GENOTYPE?

Nature uses it to humble human, it doesn’t care if you both can’t live without each other… And the funny stuff is; it won’t even cross you guys mind to check it at first even before dating✍🏾

Then when it seems like the lovers are found of each other, like they do all things together, they believe in building a home together, obviously it becomes an amazing journey of Love☺️

And sometimes the relatives, friends, media inlaws have started rooting for the lovers to end up together without remembering the factor GENOTYPE😌

Nothing breaks down a soul like seeing someone you love go because of GENOTYPE but you have no choice… Or did you plan to suffer your future kids?😩 That’s Nature which you can’t revert🤦‍♂️

Dear fine and soft ladies, pls don’t be mad at me when I first ask you whats your genotype on our first date or chat😂😂

And is necessary you go check yours now as a living being so as not to make the mistake of playing with your emotions always☺️✍🏾

A friend of mine that wants to propose to his girlfriend next week is still crying here because of GENOTYPE wahala😩 3yrs relationship is about to go down…


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