African yoot: It is appointed into man, once to die and after that, the judgment.

Google: we have invested $2.5 billion in a startup called Calico and told it to do two things “Stop aging and solve death”. Now out of all the drugs and solutions they have developed, 20 are currently in pre-clinical trials.
The Calico team have used mathematical models such as the Gompertz-Makeham law of mortality negligible senescence in the lab.

In the past, the only animals that are immortal or age slowly that scientists know were too far from humans on the evolutionary tree.

But the Calico labs have discovered a mammal called the naked mole rat, the rat does not age. It’s body does not weaken, it’s organs dont age, it’s body does not trigger menopause as it grows older.

If they can unlock the secret to this anti-aging in this mammal, humans will have a drug that will extend life 200 to 300 years longer.

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