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You want to be President

Your wife is a Senator

Your daughter Iya Loja that controls all monies and levies generated in all Lagos markets.

Your son, the advertising guru of state account, is in charge of all billboard money generated in Lagos.

All BRT money goes to your Nephew

Your wife, a Senator, is the official supplier of diesel in all Lagos State formations and including street light generators.

All governmental taxes and other levies goes to you – JAGABAN himself through your consulting firm – Alpha Beta.

You own a mega private hospital inside the state teaching hospital in Lagos.

Your newspaper and TV channel are the official paid propaganda channels.

You own almost all the remaining valuable real estates in Lagos.

You’re entitled to pension 300% amount payable to governors. The law you created by yourself.

You’re entitled to change of vehicles yearly and houses both in Lagos and Abuja (minimum 5 bedroom duplex).

All your domestic staff – cooks, gardeners, stewards, drivers, securities etc – are paid by the government and are all pensionable.

You directly control all the machinery of government in Lagos and some Southwest states.

Unless there’s something else that is wrong with you and your head, what else are you looking for in the Presidency?

If you have managed all the resources and states you control very well, we should be the ones calling you to be our president.

Not you sharing bags of rice and beans.
Goddamn delusional old man.

  • Sola Kuti

Fela Anukilapo Kuti’s daughter

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