“I am owing my wife 250,000 naira but that’s not why I killed Sheikh Goni Asiami.

“I only wanted to collect his car so when he gave me a lift, I told him I was hearing a sound under his car. He checked but he didn’t see anything.

” It was a ploy to make him come down from his vehicle. As he was checking, I removed my rifle and fixed my magazine. I pointed my rifle at him,.He asked me what have I done. I said you didn’t do anything. He asked again, do you want to kill me, I said I don’t want to kill you.

“I fired a warning shot thinking he will run away but he didn’t run away. When he wanted to run into the vehicle, I fired the second shot. When he ran to the side of the driver, I fired on the body of the car and one of the bullets penetrated the vehicle and killed him.

I dragged his body off the main road into the bush. I have never done this before.”

Lance Corporal JOHN GABRIEL l of 241 Reece Battalion Nguru Yobe state who killed Sheikh Goni Asiami recently.

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