How he built Lagos..
Let’s start from the international airports..
Do you know the names of these airports are:

  • Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport!
  • Akanu Ibiam International Airport.
  • Port Harcourt International Airport.
  • Margaret Ekpo International Airport.
  • Asaba International Airport.
  • Akwa Ibom International Airport, Uyo..
    They are all INTERNATIONAL…
    So I cross checked with the flight schedules.. No international flight to these destinations for the past one year and probably the next three months.
    No international Cargo has landed Owerri since inception except DHL parcels and Jumia orders.. All less than 20kg.. An Igbo Man will say, “Negodu intaanationalu cargo airportu.. Piwakwa ha ònú there!”
    Air Peace claims to airlift straight from Enugu to China but you MUST go to Lagos to book your visa, rectify all documentations, probably go though airport checks in Lagos, then come to Enugu and board.. Ngwa nu kuo ra Peace Air aka gi…
    Do you know why??
    Igbos are the problem or the air in Igbo airspace is either too for thick for international flights to fly or there are NO cargos going to Aba, Nnewi, Onitsha, PH, Calabar etc or there are no Igbos travelling and returning from abroad… That’s why!!
    Probably what efulefus call international flights are flights carrying those albino Lebanese from Idumota to PH for road construction..
    You want when Nigeria will direct patronage to the south east but you forgot that under war conditions Ojukwu flew in #AT_NIGHTS_ONLY through Uli over 3000 successful cargo landings and take offs and over 1500 passenger flights..
    He didn’t call it international nor airport.. Just an AIR STRIP!!
    Yet your international brain is fooling you that.. Igbos are the problem of Nigeria and not the northern deviltry of propaganda induced into your weak minds through PDP VS APC..
    This is one of the leverages he stole to build Lagos.. and you all say he built Lagos.. Nigeria killed south east to build Lagos..

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