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Singer Bnxn’s alleged Swedish girlfriend releases his n#de after he impregnated and d¥mped her

Singer Bnxn has been called out by a Swedish lady who claims to be his girlfriend.

The lady, identified as Filma Jonas, claims she and the singer were in a relationship but he recently d¥mped her after impregnating her.

According to her, “I am pregnant for Bnxn and he is trying to silence me and run away from his responsibility because I live in Sweden.

We met when he came to Sweden and I didn’t want unprotected s#x but he told me he doesn’t have a child and he wants one but not with a Nigerian girl and he made us have s#x but when I got pregnant and called him, he blocked me and had his friends and manager talk to me instead.

They tried to advise me to have an ab@rtion. He knows this goes against my culture.

Instead his manager told me that I should look at this as a nice experience for me that I even got to sleep with him, it’s very m#ssy.”

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