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More than 8years ago, a young man named Chukwuebuka Edun, a graduate of the University of Ibadan was invited to Switzerland for a summer program. He didn’t have the money to sponsor the trip, so he wrote a letter to Peter Obi who was the governor of Anambra State. He wrote a letter asking for the government to help him sponsor the trip, Peter Obi read the letter and agreed to pay for his trip.

The young man got to Switzerland and decided to do his master’s, he came back home and wrote another letter to Peter Obi asking for assistance. Peter Obi read his letter and agreed to sponsor his trip to Switzerland.

Today Chukwuebuka has done his MSc, and Ph.D. and is now a lecturer abroad, all thanks to PETER OBI.

When he heard Peter Obi was coming to Frankfurt, he came to see him and share his story.

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