Are you aware that political Mafias & criminals mobilized EFCC to arrest @PeterObi ?

They gave EFCC all the address of Peter OBI’S Houses in London.
Boom, FG sponsored EFCC to London for verification and lo and behold, those houses belong to Mr Peter Obi.

They reported Obi to British Government as a corrupt politician and informed them of the possible Seizure of those properties.

They returned back to Nigeria, then mobilized again for Peter OBI’S ARREST ahead of the Presidential primaries but was totally disappointed when OBI brought out the documents of the properties showing them that he bought those properties from 1996 down.

When u are a thief u think every one who made it is also a thief.
Peter Obi acquired those properties 7 years before he joined Politics in Nigeria.
They were so determined to stop the people’s choice by all means possible, but failed woefully.
Vote wisely @NgLabour @PeterObi

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