I was at the bank today, waiting in line to withdraw money. Someone tapped me, I looked to see who it was, it was a guy that needed to borrow my pen. I gave it to him.

He tapped me again.

“Sorry, what Branch is this?”


“Can you spell it for me? I wrote Igbo in WAEC and got F9”

I chuckled and spelled it for him like a toddler pronouncing Dada. He thanked me and asked if I will also write Igbo in WAEC.

“I’m a graduate, please”

I could see you don’t mean it written all over his face. Our little conversation became more interesting, we talked about Asuu strike, about Youth service, we weren’t in a hurry since the queue was pretty much. He told me his name is Max, I told him I’m Christabel.

While we were talking, my eyes wandered into his slip. Wait, people have money in this Nigeria oh and some of them don’t even look like their account balance. This guy was transferring five million naira from his UB account to a First Bank account that shares the same surname with him. That’s his mom, he told me later that he came to send small something home. He left home to feed home.

My time was up, I withdrew and was about to leave when he said can I get your contact, please. Why not? I love people that can hold intelligent conversations and he’s a spec. I gave him my number and he gave me his, he said I should expect his call soon. I smiled, saved his number with Max and left.

I wanted to pick something from the junction close to the bank, I trekked down there and saw a small crowd. Apparently, a tricycle had an accident there two hours ago. A life was lost. I wanted to see for myself and I wished I never did. It was a guy, he was stone dèad with deep cuts and bruises.

I looked closely, again and it was the guy I was with at the bank. I could have sworn that it was his twin but looks don’t lie. He wore the same clothe, the same shoe, everything!

My jaw dropped!

I hastily deleted his number and left the scene, I couldn’t stand the shock.

It’s about seven hours now. I missed a call and checked caller ID with Truecaller, it was Max. He called again minutes ago.

My hands are shaking as I type this😩

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