Munkaila Ahmadu, the man who k#lled his parents in Jigawa state, has told the police that he committed the crime as a form of Jihad
Recall that Ahmadu, reportedly used a wooden pestle to att@ck his father, Ahmad Muhammad, 70, who was the village head of Zarada-Sabuwa village and his mother, Hauwa Ahmadu, 60, while also att@cking Kailu Badugu, 65 and Hakalima Ahmadu, 50
His parents d#ed from the assault while Badugu (his neighbour) and Hakalima (his stepmother) were hospitalized. Hakalima has been discharged, but Badugu is still under critical condition
In a recorded video in the police custody shared with PREMIUM TIMES, Mr Ahmadu said he has no regret for what he did. “ I k#lled them because they refuse to accept the truth concerning the prophet Muhammad (S.W.A). I k#lled them because they ab¥sed the prophet and their punishment is de@th, there is no repentance for any person who ab¥ses the Prophet

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