I am profoundly grateful to my fellow Nigerians whom I met and interacted with in Frankfurt, Rome, Toronto, Los Angeles, Houston, Charlotte, Washington D.C, Atlanta and New York.

Your warmth and collective graciousness has been elating; and your passion for rescuing Nigeria, inspiring. Your best wishes and prayers continue to uplift me.

As I return home after eight days on the road, I do so with a renewed sense of purpose and conviction. My take away is that a united, secure and productive Nigeria, which is our collective dream is POssible. It is a dream we intend to bring to actualization.

Thank you all for the quality time; expressed confidence and suggestions. Thank you for believing that a new Nigeria is #POssible.

Above all, thank you for being members of the #OBIdient Family. God bless you and yours. And God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

PeterObi 🇳🇬

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