If I were Mercy chinwo, I will keep my marriage happiness, gifts and entire details off social media completely because privacy is powerful. No one will attàck or have an opinion or create content about what they do not have information about! I understand she is happy and celebrating her happiness but such informations shouldn’t be for public consumption.

Very soon, gist lover and all private investigators will start investigating to know if they will see anything to use against her( God forbid though).

As for all of you who tagged me in blogs about the news of her husband buying her an SUV because i previously said she is richer and more famous than her husband. The fact that he bought her an SUV (it truly he bought the SUV) for her does not prove my initial statement wrong. She is indeed richer and more famous than her husband.

Finally, it’s no longer new that women buy things for themselves and lìe that their husband bought it for them in other to massage their husband’s ego. It didn’t start today and it won’t end now. Women do alot for themselves and give men the credit.

A woman will even go to the extent of fàking her own òrgasm just to massage a man’s ego😹😹😹. Stop tagging and dragging me. Today is Monday in South East, I have to go out and make money. Bye🤣

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