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When Tinubu was interviewed by a journaliest on the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre, this was his first and major response: “The victims also have questions to answer. Why were they there?; What time were they there? How long were they there and what characters were they?”

He blamed the dead, injured and even missing youths – bonafide citizens of Nigeria – victims of a mass shooting and extrajudicial killings ordered by him and his men. Under a government of a political party (APC) that he heads as the national leader.

The greatest injustice to this generation (by the old and passing generation) will be to reward those who ordered, led and endorsed the massacre of innocent, harmless youths of Nigeria who were holding the Nigerian flags and singing the national anthem in patriotism to their country while simply excersing their civic rights to protest.

And the greatest defeat of this generation will be to watch the killers of these youths and the profitiers of that dastardly act be rewarded with Aso Villa and crowned President of Nigeria.

This man is yet to express remorse, plead for forgiveness nor ensure the injured victims and families of the dead victims get justice, yet he is aspiring to be the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces so he can order more killings.

But the big question is, will Nigerian youths ever forget and forgive this crime committed against them by him and his cronies and stooges in government? The 2023 general elections shall tell!

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