Send this to all Reno’s threads insulting Peter Obi’s twitter followership.

Ask him to focus on providing for his two wives. Reno knows that if Peter Obi wins, his chances of providing food for two wives in 2 different cities will be badly affected.

I, Charles Awuzie, Africa’s most sought after Cybersecurity expert have files on Reno. Real files, not twitter bots files.

He should campaign for Atiku and Atiku’s harem of first ladies. God forbid that Atiku wins the election, Nigeria will have 4.5 first ladies and 28 first family children to look after. Peter Obi is here to save Nigeria from this unnecessary expenses. Reno should go and look for a job – Nigerian government will never again be a back up plan for people looking to fund multiple wives and uncountable children.

Practice saying PRESIDENT PETER OBI – for your own good.

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