“I was scammed of 2.3 million naira last year ending by my supposed best friend.

He once lived in Angola and he assured me that he’s going to help me secure a visa to India. Out of trust, I obliged and he scammed me.

I involved the police and he confessed to the crime. He was detained, yet all his parents did was to visit him with food without seeking a way to pay me back.

I was advised by the police to take the case to court, which I did and he was remanded pending his judgement. But now he’s been freed.

His family didn’t do anything about this case, rather they quickly ran around to get him a lawyer.

It’s been over 8months now and I haven’t heard from the family. I decided to call off the case because I don’t have money to spend on the matter.

The heartbreaking part is that my mother borrowed a huge amount from their women’s meeting to help me finance this movement. She’s currently battling with health issues and I really don’t know what else to do.

The Guy’s parents don’t talk to me anymore. They believe they’ve won already and I am really broke right now.

I need an advice on the best way to recover my money and to pay the meeting people my mum borrowed from because they are threatening to seize all our property.

I reported to DPA, but they said they can’t do anything since the matter is already in court. The evidence of the transactions are with me.”

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