A 26-year-old suspected ritu@list, Olaolu Falowo, has told the police why he k#lled a farmer and removed his b@dy p@rts for money ritu@ls, at Kuseru Village in Ondo State.
The suspect was arrested alongside his father after the victim’s limps (2 legs and 2 arms hands) was found in his house and hum@n sk#ll in a sack was recovered from his father’s house during a search by police detectives. It was gathered that the victim was m#rdered and his b@dy p@rts removed by the suspected ritu@list in collaboration with his father.
While being paraded in Akure on Tuesday, September 6, the suspect said he k#lled the victim, who, he claimed was a lun@tic, to reduce his pains. According to him, the victim was a m@dman, who was sick and about to d#e in the forest. “The victim is a sick m@dman.
I k#lled him to reduce his pains and also took p@rt of his body to use it for s@crifice,” he said.

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