The much anticipated Cable News Network (CNN) with the Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate Peter Obi has been postponed for the second time in a row. Obi, who had been in the United States of America, Italy, Germany and Canada on a diaspora tour and interface with Nigerians was earlier scheduled for an interview on Saturday, September 3.

Expected to take place on Tuesday by 5pm Nigerian time, Obidients took to social media to publicise the much-anticipated interview with CNN’s Zane Asher, a Nigerian-born broadcaster.

the former governor of Anambra state said the interview had been postponed to Tuesday, September 6.

Despite the growing anticipation on various social media platforms as many Nigerians waited, the interview did not come up on the channel as CNN again postponed it indefinitely. While no reason was given for the postponement, CNN aired a documentary on the newly elected British Prime Minister.

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