An Abuja based pastor is charging a whopping 300K before she will see a person either for counseling or prayers. It was 200K but she increased to it 300K. Her name sounds like foreign names but she is a Nigerian and into the ministry with her husband but she is the senior pastor. She is all over the social media especially Facebook and YouTube showcasing how she is using the money to help the less privileged. Two of her staff told me yesterday that the 300K that she charges is used for those in need. A typical case of robbing Peter to pay Paul or Robbin Hood exploitation ministry. A woman in deep spiritual distress went to the female Pastor last week for counseling and prayers , her PA ( his name starts with J) billed her 300K. She pleaded in tears with 150K but he refused and told her that the Pastor insist on full payment before counseling and prayers. They drove her away

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